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  • Disruptive technology
  • Proven strong management team
  • Market leader in the markets they serve
  • EBITDA in the range of $2-10MM
  • Clearly defined exit strategy

Past Investments

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ZymoGenetics (Nasdaq: ZGEN)   |   Motricity (Nasdaq: MOTR)
Ambric (acquired by Nethra)   |   Valchemy (acquired by IBM)
Isilon Systems (Nasdaq: ISLNC)   |   Netonomy (acquired by Comverse)
SeeCommerce (acquired by Teradata)   |   Qsent (acquired by TransUnion)
Myrio (acquired by Siemens)   |   DataPower (acquired by IBM)
ClearCommerce (acquired by eFunds).

Our past investments include:
SuperConductor Tech (Nasdaq: SCON)   |   Priceline.com (Nasdaq: PCLN)
Phone.com Concentric (merged with XO Holdings)
Cyrix (acquired by National Semiconductor)   |   Xylan (Nasdaq: XYLN)